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Author Topic: MyDefrag v4.2.0.Beta  (Read 10009 times)
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« on: September 13, 2009, 12:50:58 pm »

I have just released version 4.2.0.Beta of mydefrag.
You can download from the MyDefrag website at:

This version is a beta because of many internal changes. It is safe to try, there is no danger to your disk(s), because MyDefrag is based on the Microsoft defragmentation API. Basically all that MyDefrag does is send "move this file to that location" commands to the API. The API will check the validity of the command, and will refuse it if for example another file already occupies the new location.


    * Many internal changes that will speed up the program, especially when vacating files to make room, but also in other areas. This however is at the cost of more memory usage. The changes affect almost every aspect of the program, which is why this is a beta.
    * Fixed a bug that prevented the program from analyzing and processing FAT disks.
    * Lengthened the interthread timeout from 1 to 15 minutes. The program uses locks to prevent the threads from simultaneously changing internal data. If locking takes too long then the program will exit.
    * Fixed a bug in the FastFill(WithShuffling) fileaction that could in some cases result in all files above the unfillable gap to be seen as unmovable.
    * Fixed a bug where the program would look for subscripts in the directory of the Language.MyD file, instead of the directory of the main script.
    * Added Simplified Chinese translation.
    * Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
    * Added Greek translation.
    * Fixed a bug in the screensaver where the pull-down list of alternate screensavers on Windows 2000 was only 1 line high, making it like as if there was only 1 entry.
    * Fixed a bug where the paths would be missing the backslash just after the drive letter.
    * Added the StatusBar setting.
    * Renamed the "SlowOptimize.MyD" script into "OptimizeMonthly.MyD".
    * Renamed the "FastOptimize.MyD" script into "OptimizeWeekly.MyD".
    * Renamed the "FastUpdate.MyD" script into "OptimizeDaily.MyD".
    * Added the "ConsolidateFreeSpace.MyD" script.
    * Added the !ProcessID! macro.
    * Fixed a problem that would make the menu appear initially in english instead of the chosen language.
    * Fixed a problem where the MaxRunTime() setting would be ignored if the SlowDown() setting was set to the default value of 100.
    * Fixed a bug where the IgnoreWrapAroundFragmentation() setting would crash the program if specified before a disk was analyzed.
    * Added the DiskmapFlip setting.
    * Added an option in the installer to create a shortcut on the desktop to the Daily and Monthly scripts.
    * Moved the example scripts to a separate directory.
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