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What is the best defragmentation/optimization strategy for me?

My basic advise for most computers in the world is to use the standard System Disk script for the C: disk, and the standard Data Disk script for all other disks. The other scripts (such as "Defragment Only") are only there for special cases.

The "Daily" scripts are designed for everyday use, and will finish relatively quickly. The "Monthly" script will do a very thorough job, but will take a lot of time to finish.

The standard MyDefrag scripts are designed to give good results on most disks, but in certain cases you can get even better results by writing a custom script. An example would be a database server where booting speed is less important than database access, so you want the database files before the files that are only used when booting. Another example is a scratch disk that is mainly used for temporary files, so you want a big empty area at the beginning of the disk. The standard scripts will still give good results on disks like these (as compared to not defragmenting and optimizing at all), but a custom script can do even better.

  • You have to write the custom script yourself. I am sorry but I do not have the time to do it for you.
  • Perhaps somebody on  *  the MyDefrag forum is willing to help you.
  • I will gladly answer specific scripting questions, but have no time to debug your script. Please post your question on the forum, so other people can benefit from the answer.

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