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How to run MyDefrag at boot-time?

It's very easy to run MyDefrag automatically in the background when the computer starts via the Windows Task Scheduler. First create (and test) the task, see  *  How do I schedule a task, to run automatically every day? Then come back here and change the properties of the task like this:

2000, XP

  • Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks
  • Open the properties of the task.
  • Open the "Schedule" tab.
  • From the "Schedule Task" pull-down select "At System Startup".


  • Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler
  • Open the properties of the task.
  • Open the "Triggers" tab, then edit or create a trigger.
  • From the "begin the task" pulldown select "At Startup".
Note: This will not defragment system files such as the page file. To do that see the "see also" chapter for a link to Pagedefrag, a free utility by Microsoft Technet (formerly SysInternals).

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